Top 5 Table Plugins to Help You Organize Tabular Data

WordPress is one of the most versatile and user-friendly content management systems that has helped millions of users set up their own blogs and websites. Dominating more than 30 percent of the entire online market, this outstanding platform gives countless businesses an opportunity to showcase their products and expand their clientele.

Unfortunately, the system does have its fair share of flaws. One of the most important components that need to be improved is the lack of options when it comes to creating tables. This makes it quite difficult to organize the data on your site. Thanks to the huge number of plugins and developers available in the market, you can now create tables and sort your data by installing a suitable table plugin.

Here we have combined a list of the top plugins that will help you fulfill all your table creation and data sorting needs.


Known to be one of the most popular table plugins in the market, TablePress has managed to gain a 5-star rating from users all around the world. It offers a simple, straightforward procedure that any newbie can easily follow – though it is a bit time consuming. You can easily export your tables in various formats including CSV, JSON and HTML. Moreover, it offers multilingual support and allows you to add custom CSS. The customization options, however, are limited with this plugin.

Ninja Tables

Being recognized as one of the best table plugins for WordPress, this outstanding plugin makes adding tables to your site a breeze due to its responsiveness and configuration options. It offers more than 100 designs to create customized tables and allows you to import and export your data in various formats.  Coming with ajaxed features and multiple customization options, this fantastic plugin can help you sort your data with ease and comfort.


If you are big on details, the wpDataTables plugin will be an ideal choice for you.  This plugin pays a great amount of attention to even the tiniest of details. With a huge set of comprehensive features and options, the interface might seem a bit intimidating at first – but once you get used to it, you will not want to go back! Plus you can easily search data contained by the tables and the responsiveness can be turned on or off for each set of tables. WpDataTables offers support to more than 4 languages and comes with back-end customizability options. However, wpDataTables does not offer front-end editing for tables and is quite pricey.

League Table

If you have a website related to sports, League Table will prove to be an ideal choice for you. It offers an extremely simple table creation tool and vast customization options to help you easily sort and categorize your data. You can set specific settings for the responsiveness of the tables. There is one huge drawback to this outstanding tool – and that is the inability to import or export files.

Ultimate Tables

Though Ultimate Tables is not as popular as its counterparts, it offers useful styling features and multiple skins to accommodate your table-creation needs. It is quite easy to use and is perfect for creating tables for a limited set of data. However, the customization options are quite limited for this plugin and it lacks the ability to import or export your files.