6 of the Best Gaming WordPress Themes for 2018

WordPress has significantly streamlined the process of creating effective websites. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what kind of a site you’re trying to build, WordPress will provide the necessary tools, plugins, and most importantly, the themes that will help you build a highly responsive and functional website. When we talk about gaming websites, in particular, the look and feel of the website is something that takes the most precedence. Finding the perfect theme for your gaming website, blog, or e-commerce store can be a challenging task. That’s why we’ve picked out 6 of the best and coolest gaming themes of 2018.


Blackfyre is quite an extensive theme designed specifically for gaming sites that offer a wide array of features. With front-end forms registering, logging in, and posting is made easy. This theme is ideal for building up your online gaming community or a gaming forum focused on your favorite games. It offers profile pages for every member that registers on your site, along with a number of other useful features you will appreciate.


Tired of complicated themes with lots of boxes and designs made up largely of squares and rectangles? You will surely find Youplay appealing, as it uses exceptional visual effects to create a distinctive mood for your gaming site, enabling it to stand out from the rest. Full support for WooCommerceplugin is also an added bonus with this theme.


With a ton of useful features, Explicit is a great choice for your gaming website. Tools like ratings, reviews, and page builders let you easily shape your site into the perfect gaming website with a billboard-style look and feel. In addition to that, the theme is optimized for mobile devices.


Although GoodLife is a multipurpose theme, you will find that selecting the right tones and colors can very quickly change it into one of the best gaming themes available. With spaces for large images and support for sidebars, the theme effectively lets you create an exceptional gaming website. It’s ready to go and lets you launch your site online very quickly compared to some of the other more complex WordPress gaming themes.


PixieHuge is a WordPress theme that is targeted specifically for sports fanatics and other gaming organizations. With 5 demos and multiple templates included, this theme will let you create an unlimited number of team pages. In fact,PixieHuge offers pretty much everything you may want from a gaming theme.


CrystalSkull is that single WordPress theme that can fulfill all your gaming site needs for you. it doesn’t matter if you want to build a gaming news blog, an online review site, or just a community or forum for gamers, CrystalSkull offers support for all. It also offers full compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin,allowing you toeasily incorporate e-commerce onto your site.