4 of the Best FAQ Plugins WordPress 2018

If you own a business website, you probably receive more than a thousand emails on a day-to-day basis. Replying to those countless questions again and again is no less than a struggle! Fortunately, you can now create your own FAQs by assembling a list of the most commonly asked question. This will help you cut down on the time you and your team spends on replying to those countless emails.

It is important to have an FAQ list in place in order to prevent your potential clients from going elsewhere, since it reduces the delay that occurs during the waiting game. If the consumer is making an impulsive buying decision, it could have a considerable impact on your sales. The consumer might change their mind later on or go to the competitors instead. Therefore, it is crucial to provide immediate feedback to the consumers, and FAQs help you establish just that.

Here we have compiled a list of the top FAQs plugin 2018 that you can use to add an FAQ section to your WordPress site. Whether you are looking for a free plugin or a premium one, this blog consists of all types of FAQ plugins to accommodate your needs.   

HTML5 Responsive FAQ

This outstanding plugin makes adding an FAQ section to your site a breeze. All you need to do is to copy and paste a shortcode, and then include your preferred categories. It allows you to create custom post type FAQ questions and answers. Questions can then be assigned to specific blog categories. One question can also be assigned to multiple categories, which makes it suitable for common and popular questions.

As the name suggests, it is a mobile optimized plugin that works perfectly on smaller devices. This makes it easier for you to make any edits while on the go. Moreover, you can make all the edits to the FAQ page, including the font size and color, on one screen. This plugin also allows you to choose a header type for the body of the text. The styling features that it offers make it an exceptional plugin for those looking to create unique and stylish FAQ sections for their site

Ultimate FAQ

This fantastic plugin allows you create spectacular FAQ sections in accordion style using five different layouts. Each of these layouts offers a huge range of styling features. You can use this plugin to create a customized FAQ section that goes well with your site’s color theme.

All the layouts look fabulous as the questions appear in a list form. The user can click on their desired question and view the answer. This ensures that the page is not filled with an unnecessary amount of text, as the users can click on their preferred questions to get the relevant answers. If the users have any questions that are not contained in the FAQ list, you can add a shortcode to your site that will enable them to use the front end to drop those questions. You can also allow your visitors to drop answers to those questions by activating a specific feature.

As your FAQ list begins to expand, you can prioritize certain questions by moving them to the top using the drag and drop feature. Ultimate FAQ simplifies the enter process by allowing you the opportunity to assign authors, tags and specific categories to each of those questions. It also comes with a search feature that the users can use to find their desired questions. You won’t need to refresh the page whilst using the search option, since it instantly displays the results – owing to its built-in AJAX and auto-complete features.

Moreover, Ultimate FAQ has integrated with WooCommerce, allowing its users to incorporate questions based on a product-by-product basis. This encourages the buyer to make a purchase and increases the chances for conversions.

In addition to that, it promotes social sharing through spectacular sharing buttons and has schema markup for the purpose of FAQ SEO. Plus, it allows you to import and export your FAQs when needed.

This outstanding plugin is priced at 30 dollars and is a valuable investment that every site owner should definitely make. If, however, you are unable to afford this plugin, you can try out its ‘Lite’ version, which is a bit restricted but still has plenty of options.  

Tribulent FAQ

Tribulent is one of the best FAQ plugins WordPress that is priced at 35 dollars and comes with a huge number of features. The valuable features that it offers make it a lot better option than other plugins that come free of cost. First off, the plugin allows your visitors to use the front end of your website to drop their questions. You have the ability to decided whether or not the user should be registered or not before dropping in their questions. Once your user has submitted a request, it waits for your approval in the dashboard. As soon as it gets your approval and the answer has been published, the user gets a notification.

Moreover, it allows the user to carry out extensive search on the FAQs and browse through the questions category-wise. This fantastic FAQ plugin allows you to create a stunning FAQ section accompanying a beautiful accordion style. It offers plenty of customization features, allowing you to create striking social sharing buttons along with the answers.

Arconix FAQ

Recognized as one of the most popular FAQs plugin 2018, Arconix FAQ simplifies the entire process of adding an FAQ section to your site. Arconix supports 2 main types of FAQs – the accordion style and the jQuery toggle. It is up to you whether you want to keep all the answers displayed or allow the user to make the selection.

This plugin requires the user to create groups within FAQs instead of assigning the questions to various categories. These groups act as WordPress tags and you can attach as many groups as you like to each query. This means the same questions can show up in various FAQ lists. Though it offers a limited number of styling features and options, you can create a highly functional FAQ section using this free plugin.